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Name:  Derek Lee

A.K.A: Most of the time it's "that one know in the afternoon." But loving my latest one...DaDa!  

Hometown: Otsego, MN but went to STMA many… many moons ago.

Music I Love: Anything with a good beat…I like to dance but don’t get close because I sweat easy.

Favorite Movie: LOVE Comedies and Suspense

Status: I'm married to Kat from The Playhouse and we have a Ham-Tastic kid named Liam. He's the coolest kid on the block. We live in St. Joe and love our little community.

If you weren’t in radio, you would probably be?: Not sure…not too qualified for much but something with sales most likely.

If you were stuck on an island and could only have one thing it would be?: A boat…no sunscreen…I’m Irish and burn easy

Name one bad habit you wish you could break?: Not allowing myself to wipe more than twice and not washing my hands...basically if I were you I wouldn't shake my hand...maybe a fist bump or a wave.

My Dream: To keep doing what I love to do, and be able to provide for my family. Oh and have a sandwich named after me!

What I Watch: Anything on Bravo because Kat makes me and now I’m hooked! LOVE King of Queens, Key and Peele, and Buying Alaska, Alaskan State Troopers show based out of Alaska for some reason. I would NEVER wanna live there but I can’t stop watching it!

Finish the Lyric

Finish the Lyric

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2:22 Trivia

2:22 Triva

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