Listen to KCLD to play Plink-DOUGH at 7am and 4pm and you could walk away with up to $5000 cash thanks to Kia of St. Cloud!!!!  We’ll start with a $100 jackpot and every play that we don’t get a winner, we increase the jackpot by $100.  Listen at 11am and 7pm for the “bonus chance keyword” to double your chances of winning!  Caller #10 at 320-251-1047 will play when they hear the cue to call.  We’ll broadcast each game live on Facebook as well.  Hit the correct slot on the board and win the progressive jackpot.  Once someone wins, the jackpot starts over at $100 and continues to grow until we get another winner. Even if you don't score the cash, we'll get you set up with an oil change from Kia of St. Cloud - so you're gonna win either way!!!

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