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A.K.A: Kitty Kat...Meow!

Hometown: Anoka, MN

Education:  Anoka High School and Brown College, Mendota Heights

New Music I'm Into:  Anything Nicki Minaj...Anything!

Favorite Movie:  Father of the Bride part 1 and 2, Paranormal Activity 1, 2, not 3 and 4 and Four Christmases!

Status: I'm married to Derek Lee! 

Children:  1.  Little Liam!  He's the coolest kid on the block.

What I Watch:  Anything on Bravo and Bar Rescue.  I could watch Real Housewives of NYC, OC and Jersey All Day!

When I'm not on KCLD:  I love to shop and kick back with some wine and cheese! 

People think I'm:  Fun to be around for 25 days of every month.



Make Your Own Carnival Food


Link: http://allrecipes.com/recipes/holidays-and-events/events-and-gatherings/carnivals-and-fairs/



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