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Name:  Derek Lee

A.K.A: Most of the time it's "that one know in the afternoon." But loving my latest one...DaDa!  

Hometown: St. Michael, MN

Education:  STMA HS, Brown College

Favorite Song:  Marvin Gaye, "Let's Get it On" is my all time favorite...LOVE the old school! 

New Music I'm Into:  Anything I can pop ain't pretty and I'm sore the next morning, but totally worth it. Bruno Mars is amazing and Nicki's rhymes are sick!

Favorite Movie: Anything that makes me laugh...and cry, everyone can use a good one!

Favorite Movie Quote:   "I'll punch you right in the baby maker" - Anchorman

Status: Married to Kat from the Playhouse...I totally dupped her!

Children: 1.  My Super Amazing Liam!

What I Watch:  Law & Order SVU, TMZ, Real Housewives (Kat got me hooked), Bio Channel, Food Network, HGTV and E!

When I'm not on KCLD:  Being a Dad and trying to make Kat happy...but the list is so long.

People think I'm:  A girl because of my voice...and that's ok. My puberty ship sailed long ago.

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Who Sings It?

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