KCLD Playhouse Secret Sound

The KCLD Playhouse Secret Sound

Listen at 8:30am with Kat and JJ in The Playhouse! A mystery sound is played – caller 10 gets to guess what the sound is. If you guess correctly, then you will win the cash jackpot! See all the wrong guesses listed right here... 

Thousand Dollar Thursday

Every Thursday is Thousand Dollar Thursday. We add $1,000 to the jackpot on Thursdays only!

Previous Winner

Congrats to Melanie of Sauk Rapids! She won $1,231. Check out the new sound COMING SOON!!!

pss 1-21.mp3

Make sure you check this list before you call at 8:30.  Good luck!

Old Sound:

Markers falling and dropping off a ledge.

 Shoes in a dryer.

Putting a lid on a tin garbage can.

Hitting a knee on a metal desk.

Tapping a can on a table.

Punching a metal desk.

Tampon can lid in the bathroom.

Shutting the hood of a car.

Diving board.

Hitting your elbow on a pan.

Popping bubble gum.

Dropping a dustpan after you sweep.

Throwing slime on a table.

Using a stapler. 

Car door slamming.

Slamming the door on a microwave.

A slap bracelet. 

Slamming or closing a school gym locker.

Dart gun shooting at metal.

Slamming the dryer door.

Slapping baking sheets together.

Putting pots and pans inside one another.

Something hitting during a laundry cycle and the machine making another noise.

Hitting a tennis ball with a racket. 

Dent popping out of an old red sled.

A ball leaving a pitching machine.

Jump rope hit the ground and drags.

Throwing a basketball and it hits the garage.

Closing the fruit drawer in a fridge.

Shutting a medicine cabinet.

Magnet hitting the fridge.

A sticky slap hand hitting a desk.

A snowball hitting a stop sign.

Dropping a purse down.

Closing a butter lid/compartment in a fridge.

Dropping plexiglass on the floor.

Ice dropping and water refilling the ice despensor.

Strong magnet on a file cabinet.

Door of a dryer shutting.

Cutting an apple with a knife, hits the board and rubs on it.

Locking or unlocking your car.

Opening and shutting a microwave door.

Pulling off the paper off the aluminum pan.

Someone using a nail gun. 

Shutting a mirror medicine cabinet and the magnet latching.

Dropping a mic.











































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