KCLD Playhouse Secret Sound

The KCLD Playhouse Secret Sound

Secret Sound Brought to you by Marthaler Chevrolet of Glenwood... Find New Roads at GlenwoodChevy.com
Listen at 8:30am with Kat and JJ in The Playhouse – Thanks to Marthaler Chevrolet!! A mystery sound is played – caller 10 gets to guess what the sound is. If you guess correctly, then you will win the cash jackpot! See all the wrong guesses listed right here... The best part – just for guessing, you could win a 2 year lease of a 2018 Chevy Cruze from Marthaler Chevrolet of Glenwood!
Even if you guess incorrectly, you’re automatically qualified to win a 2 year lease on a 2018 Chevy Cruze from Marthaler Chevrolet of Glenwood!!!

Thousand Dollar Thursday

Every Thursday is Thousand Dollar Thursday. We add $1,000 to the jackpot on Thursdays only!

Previous Winner

Congrats to Zach of Prinsburg!!! He won $2,052! Check out the new sound!

ss 8 25.mp3

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Make sure you check this list before you call at 8:30.  Good luck!

Throwing a pop can in the garbage.

Having no ice come out of the ice dispenser. 

Dropping baseball bats on the concrete.

Coffee can falling of a shelf.

Cup dropping down in a coffee machine.

Bumping into a metal garage light fixture. 

Garbage truck dumping garbage into the truck.

Hitching a trailer to a pick up truck.

Can going into a recycling bin.

Pushing a pedal down on an old school sewing machine.

Taking the weights off of a weight tree and on to a bar bell.

The pin setter at the bowling alley.

Scoring a goal playing air hockey.

Throwing an aluminum coffee cup in a sink.

A guitar falling over.

An old school can opener.

Throwing coins in an old coffee can.

Closing the lid on a toilet.

A metal tumbler cup rolling off a table and hitting the floor.

Someone driving over a manhole cover.

Throwing a cell phone in a pile of aluminum cans.

Throwing your aluminum tumbler coffee mug, chuck it at the computer and it hits the keyboard.

A locker handle dropping as it slams shut.

Putting a cover on a thermos. 

Crushing a can in a can crusher.

Banging a metal tray on the side of a metal trash can.

Cutting something up and it going down the garbage disposal and turning it on.

Bowling ball returning to the bowler.

A pop can falling into a Pylex pan.

Dropping coins in a laundry machine.

Slamming down plated weights.

Playing with your Tumblr mug and it falls on the desk/table.

A cast iron pan on a stove being knocked around.

Dropping rocks into an old coffee can.

Sliding a glass coffee pot under the coffee maker.

A soda coming out of a machine.

A coin coming down in a change return.

Throwing a knife in a sink.

Hairspray can hitting the bathroom sink.





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