KCLD Playhouse Secret Sound

The KCLD Playhouse Secret Sound

Secret Sound Brought to you by Marthaler Chevrolet of Glenwood... Find New Roads at GlenwoodChevy.com
Listen at 8:30am with Kat and JJ in The Playhouse – Thanks to Marthaler Chevrolet!! A mystery sound is played – caller 10 gets to guess what the sound is. If you guess correctly, then you will win the cash jackpot! See all the wrong guesses listed right here... The best part – just for guessing, you could win a 2 year lease of a 2018 Chevy Cruze from Marthaler Chevrolet of Glenwood!
Even if you guess incorrectly, you’re automatically qualified to win a 2 year lease on a 2018 Chevy Cruze from Marthaler Chevrolet of Glenwood!!!

Thousand Dollar Thursday

Every Thursday is Thousand Dollar Thursday. We add $1,000 to the jackpot on Thursdays only!

Previous Winner

Congrats to Sandy!!! He won $684! Check out the new sound!


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Make sure you check this list before you call at 8:30.  Good luck!

An old school credit card scanner.

Opening a can of pop.

Walking in the snow with your boots on.

Popping a tire off a car.

A hole punch.

The return on a typewriter. 

Last bit of a Slurpie in a straw.

A baby ear/nose sucker.

Striking a match.

Flipping through an old school View Master.

An air nailer.

Using a letter opener.

Pushing a stapler through a big pile of paper.

A bobble head.

An old fashioned time punch.

Striking a flint. 

Taking tape off a tape dispenser.

Old school paper cutter.

Folding a matchbook over and lighting a match.


Throwing a match in water and sizzles out.

Taking a match out of the box and putting it back in.

Air compressor nail gun.

Using a stapler. 

Closing a book and setting it down.

A deadbolt.

Opening and closing a car door.

Self inking stamper going down and up.

Closing a trapper keeper.

Taking snow boots off.

Lighting a candle with a lighter.

Using a stapler.

Closing a cassette tape door.









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