KCLD Playhouse Subway Secret Sound

The KCLD Playhouse Secret Sound

Listen to Kat & JJ in the Playhouse at 8:30am every weekday for the Secret Sound form our friends at Subway! We'll take caller number 10 at 320-251-1047. If you're the correct caller, you'll get a chance to guess at the secret sound and win the jackpot! We add $10.47 to the jackpot every day that nobody guesses the secret sound.

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Thousand Dollar Thursday

Every Thursday is Thousand Dollar Thursday. We add $1,000 to the jackpot on Thursdays only!

Previous Winner

Congrats to Tracy from St. Cloud!!! She won $731. Check out the new sound!


Make sure you check this list before you call at 8:30.  Good luck!


A bell.

Hitting a garbage can with a golf ball.

A "skip-it" game

Hitting a wiffle ball into a metal garbage can

 Playing Plinko

 A ball bouncing down the stairs and hitting a metal garbage can.

A Cookoo clock going off.

The last shot in mini golf.

Playing Ski Ball.

Throwing a ball down a laundry shoot.

A garage door spring breaking.

Dropping a ping pong ball into a bucket.

Grandfather clock.

Throwing a ball around JJ's office.

Hitting the ball off of a ping pong table.

A wooden ski ball being thrown down the stairs and hitting a garbage can.

Playing Ping Pong.

A plastic spice jar falling out of the cupboard, hits the range hood, then a pan and hits the floor.

Jumping on a Pogo stick.

A ski Ball rolling down the ramp, falling on the floor and hitting a metal garbage can.

A pitching machine.

Throwing a ball around a garage.

Playing a pin ball game.

Tossing a ball into a toy box.

A tennis ball bouncing a few times and landing in a garbage can.

A ping pong ball bouncing on a desk.

Opening and closing a beer stein.

A ping pong ball falling off the table and hitting a bell.

Super ball hitting a metal screen.

Shooting an aluminum can with a BB Gun and the BB falling out.

Hitting a baseball.

Taking a wild shot in Foosball and it falls out after hitting a player.

A baseball hitting a gong.

A golf ball hitting the garbage can.

Baseball hitting a garbage can.

Baseball bouncing and hitting metal bleacher. 

Soccer ball hitting a garbage can.

Scoring on a Foosball table and the ball dropping in.

JJ's son doing batting practice in the garage and the ball goes crazy and the phone cuts out.

Hitting a mini glofball and it going in the hole.

Playing baseball with a ping pong ball.

Throwing a baseball helmet into the dugout.

Home run ball bouncing off the bleachers. 

Hitting a ball with a bat into a grandfather clock.

A wiffleball being hit and then hitting a dog dish.

A wiffleball being hit and then hitting a dog dish and landing on the cement floor.

Old fashioned pinball machine hitting a gong.

Stick handling a puck, wrist shot and into a metal garbage can.

Hitting a metal cover of a fan.

Ice cream shooter toy and the top popping off.

Putting a wiffleball into a pitching machine and getting hit.

A home run ball being hit, hitting the bleachers and then falling down stairs.

Hitting a shot in mini golf, missing and it coming back to you.

Hitting a home run, the ball hits a light pole and bounces around.

Hitting a golf ball indoors and it hits a heat register.

Swinging at a wiffle ball and the bat hits the cage.

A ping pong ball bouncing on a table tennis table.

Hitting a wiffle ball, it bounces off the wall and goes into a metal garbage can.

Kat hitting a wiffle ball, it bounces off the wall and hits a metal desk.

Hitting a wiffle ball, it bounces off the rafters and hits a gong.





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