Zannie Kaye

6 PM - 11 PM

Name: Zannie K. And DON”T LAUGH! Zannie is my real name.

Nicknames include: The Loud Mouth, The Minnesota Mad Man, The Big Homie. I’m Pops (to my Sons), (Z Honey to my Wife) and everybody else calls me “GRILLMASTER”…as they bow of course.

Location: Born and raised in Chicago (Northside, Gold Coast baby, CUBS Fan). My Radio journey has taken me many places: Grand Rapids, Memphis, TN., Birmingham, AL., Dayton, OH., Orlando, FL., Milwaukee, WI., Austin, TX. But, I have been blessed to call Minneapolis home for almost 20 years now!

Background: I always knew radio was for me since age 9 when my Mom would say “Boy, you know your voice carries!” “I can hear your Loud mouth through this door!” LOL!

From there my dream was to be like the legendary DJ’s I emulated growing up: Dick Biondi, Janet from Another Planet, Doug Banks, Tom Joyner, Rick Party, Bob Walls and the list goes on. Ya know…I think I’m getting there.

Schooling/Education: I honed my “Life of the Party” skills at Southern University (Baton Rouge, LA.) and Central State University (Dayton, OH.). Paid my way through school as an Exotic Male Dancer stage name “ZORRO” (true story). Then, finally after graduation and (3) years as a receptionist…”good afternoon, Decorators Walk, this is Zannie. How may I direct your call?” I got my big break!

How you got into Broadcasting: My Mom came home one day and told me that the cool guy I loved listening to on the radio was in fact my Cousin Zurick aka “Rick Party” and gave me his number. He took me under his wing and helped me get my start. I NEVER stopped!

Why you love your work: I get to speak with hundreds of people every day. And touch thousands more who tune in weekly, monthly, year after year to listen to my Loud Mouth and come along for the MADNESS that is the Zannie Radio Show. Trust me, it never gets old.

Random facts about yourself:

  • Let’s see…. I really was a Male Dancer in College. Magic Mike move over…LOL!
  • Before that though, I was a comic book collecting, “Dr. Who” watching, thick glasses wearing, pocket protector having, bookworm nerd who graduated High School at 16. Basically “Steve Erkel”…without the annoying voice.
  • I am a work-a-holic. Always looking for new ways to improve the radio show.
  • My Sons say I clap so loud during the Wolves/Vikings games it sounds like gun fire. #SKOL!
  • I shovel a path to my grill in the dead of winter and I will grill anything, anytime, day or night.
  • I’m the oldest of five siblings and at almost 6’2”, I am the shortest…go figure?
  • I have never had another career outside of radio and I plan to keep it going!
  • I hope you’ll keep tuning in nightly 6-11p here on 104-7 KCLD!


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