Mollie Mawlz

408543_10150431484952415_83066415_n.jpgThe Ladies Room

Weeknights from 6pm - 11pm

Name: Mollie Mawlz

AKA: That one gurl from the bar.

Hometown: I tell People Duluth because they've never heard of Moose Lake.

Education: Moose Lake HS, Hibbing CC, St. Cloud State

Fav. Song: We Can't Stop....Miley Cyrus baby!

New Music: The Fix-Nelly, Jeremih "Mustard On That Beef", Mash-ups, and anything T-Pain....I love him.

Fav. Movies: Liar Liar, Just Go With It, The Grinch, The Heat, Hunger Games, Wolf of Wall Street, Mean Girls.

Fav. Movie quote: "Get in losers, we're going shopping" –Mean Girls. "Her lips are like an inner-tube, I just want to sit on em" -Just Go With It

Status: Mostly single, even when I'm not.

Children: No thanks.

What I watch: Law and Order SVU, Ellen, E! News, and Reality TV.

When I'm not on KCLD: I'm watching TV in the nude.

People Think I'm: Sober 

Make sure you catch Mollie and the CRAZY 8 @ 8 sponsored by New York GYRO! Weeknights at 8, we count back your most requested songs! Make your request by emailing Mollie here

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Retweet or Delete

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