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Home Town: Spicer, MN

Education: Absolutely nothing that pertains to Radio ... Went to school for Cosmetology and Administrative Support.

Children: I have two AMAZING kids Shaun who is 7 and D monkey who was born in September.

Status: Currently taken by an amazing guy ... But I'll keep you posted ..

Favorite Song: Anything that comes out of Adam Levine's mouth.

Favorite Movie: Not even a question ... ELF!!

What I Watch: "The Black List", "Sons of Anarchy" , "Big Bang Theory" , "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" ,  "Hostages"

When I'm Not On KCLD: I spend as much time with my little guys as possible. I have become an expert at Legos, Lincoln Logs, and sports thanks to Shaun.  We also practically live in the Hockey arena. Nothing better then being a hockey mom.

Amber's Audio

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