KCLD Playhouse Subway Secret Sound

The KCLD Playhouse Secret Sound

Listen to Kat & JJ in the Playhouse at 8:30am every weekday for the Secret Sound form our friends at Subway and Sok's Rapid Car wash! We'll take caller number 10 at 320-251-1047. If you're the correct caller, you'll get a chance to guess at the secret sound and win the jackpot! We add $10.47 to the jackpot every day that nobody guesses it.


Thousand Dollar Thursday

Every Thursday is Thousand Dollar Thursday. We add $1,000 to the jackpot on Thursdays only!

Previous Winner

Congrats to Danni!!! She figured out that the last secret sound was "A Tape Measurer" and scored over $146.58!!!! 


Make sure you check this list before you call at 8:30.  Good luck!

 Pouring paint into the tray.

Dragging a chalk bucket along the driveway.

Pouring screws in a screw bucket.

Shaking a paint can.

Pulling paper out of a printer jam.

Taking batteries out of a remote.

Playing on an air hockey table.

Shaking dice in a cup.

Punching a time card.

Putting a disc into a camcorder and closing the door.

Popping open a lock.

Sucking on a piece of candy.

Cracking nuts.

Opening a package of crazy glue.

Opening a lock on a bathroom door.

Taking out a roll of camera film and putting it back in.

Opening a bag of candy.

Crushing a can.

Opening the locks on a briefcase.

Ripping off a piece of scotch tape.

Cracking an egg and putting it back in the egg carton.

Walking on crushed glass.

Putting a CD into a CD Rom Drive and closing the door.

Flipping a cassette tape.

Rewinding a cassette tape.

Sounds coming from a kids kitchen set.

Chewing on the plastic ring when you take a cap off the top of a milk jug.

Loading a CD/Disc player.

A coffee maker purculating.

Stapling something.

Pushing an empty soap dispenser.

Putting water in a coffee maker.

Solving a Rubix Cube.

Shaking dice in a cup.

Popping the top on a spam can.

Ice dropping into a glass.

Pushing a tape in a VCR and then ejecting it.

Popping down the bubble on the game Trouble.










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